We ship to all of Norway

We are flexible and will find a solution for you, if non of the delivery-options suit you interest, contact us for more information. Our delevery-solutions are index based.


Homedevilery in Oslo and areas close to:

In a cooperation with ModulSystem AS transport, we make sure your order gets to you fast, and in good shape.

Read more about them here:  



We deliver to all houses within these indexes: 0000-1499 and 1900-2099 (Oslo and close areas).

Tuesday – Saturday from kl: 13:00

Price : kr 149,-*

*Free delivery on all orders above 980 kr

If you order before kl 22:00, your order will be delivered to you the next delivery day.

If you order after kl 22:00, your order will be delivered to you the day after the next delivery day.


We deliver to all houses within these indexes: 3004-3048 (Drammen)

Weekend delivery only,  or by agreement

Price : kr 149,-*


Pick up your order yourself in a postoffice in all of Norway: 

Delevery to all areas with these indexes: 1500-1899 and 2100-9999.

Climaneutral Servicepackage from kr 79,00. You can get it delivered to your closest "post i butikk".

We send Posten´s climaneutral servicepackages to all of Norway. When the package has arrived to your "post i butikk", you will recieve a sms from Posten/Bring that you can grab your delivery. The package must be picked up within 14 days, if not, the package will be sent back to Matmarket. You will they recieve an extra bill of 250 kroner. It is hard to keep the goods frozen or cold for such long period of time, therfor, We DON'T send  frozen foods (frysevarer) with Bring.

But we ship cooled products (kjølevarer) using the Posten / Bring delivery method using thermoboxes, excluding the summer period from June to August


Delivery kr 79,- Plus kr 17,- for each kilogram


Pick up for free:

You can pick up your package yourself for free from our warehouse at his address: Oppegårdveien 96,1400 Ski. Call before coming. Free parking!

Opening times: 11:00 - 15:00          Monday – Saturday


Other solutions:

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